Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sneak Peak - Holiday Fun!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I'd just got back from Egypt. That was a month ago now, but I realised that I haven't shared any holiday pictures yet. So here's a quick post giving you a sneak peak of the fun I had with my manfriend in early January. (Please excuse the quality of some of these pictures, the majority were taken on iPhones). The hotel we stayed in, if anyone is interested, was Maritim Jolie Ville Royal Peninsula Hotel & Resort, Sharm El Sheikh. 

Amazing views from the plane
View from the sunken pool bar
Taking sneaky pictures whilst enjoying a few cocktails - **cough cough girly drink**
Locals we bumped into whislt quad biking in the desert
In my defence, it would be rude not to pile my plate with cake at an all inclusive!

A little Japanese hut we found on the grounds (How very Egyptian ;))
Our last day waiting for the transfer back to the airport. As you can see I'm EXTREMELY tanned...
In reception awaiting our transfer 
 ... And last but by no means least, I couldn't leave out the love swan house keeping surprised us with.

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Paige x