Friday, 21 February 2014

Go On... Try Something New!

This week has been a week for trying something new (accidentally).

For the first time, I got my eyebrows threaded. A very scary ordeal in which I was told off for the usual "over-plucking" and "mishaping" of my former bushy brows. The lady was correct; however, in my defence, I've always been told "eyebrows are sisters, not twins" which used to reassure me that my slightly unsymmetrical arched brows were acceptable, but apparently not anymore. That being said, I'm really happy with the results and would highly recommend anyone enduring the walk to your car looking slightly silly with 2 red raw eyebrows to get the finished look! (They calm down in no time, honest!!).

Another first for me this week happened on a very hungover Saturday morning. The manfriend and I were looking for a good fry up to take the edge off our hangover and decided a trip to Breads Etcetera in Clapham would suffice. Bread (and carbs in general) always has and always will make me happy, so needless to say it was a winner. Although I tried to not take many pictures in the place through fear of looking like a complete tourist, I did manage a snap of my food (obviously). 

Yes that egg is sunken into the bread... amazing or what!
Breads Etcetera itself is so cute! Each table has a toaster on it and there's a DIY bread station where everyone helps themselves to any type of bread they fancy, with butter and all the spreads you can imagine. Then you sit back in the comfort of your own seat and toast away! I almost forgot to mention you also get to watch them make the bread whilst you're having your fry up which is always a nice little touch. 

But anyway, enough of my ramble, if you like the sound of it, I've copied in Time Out's write up and info for you to have a look at.

My last experimental first this week was a spinning class. I used to go spinning a lot while I was at Uni because it was so much easier (and less daunting) going with friends. Not to mention having someone there to share your saddle agony with (those of you who have tried spinning will be all to familiar with this pain). So yes, although not a complete first, I plucked up the courage and went on my own. Unsurprisingly, everything was fine and I enjoyed myself whilst burning a good few hundreds of calories in the process. 

As a bit of a gym fiend, I was treated to a few things for my birthday in December. I would say "the gear" is half the battle for me to feel gym ready! There's been too many times I make excuses not to go because I've "forgotten" to bring something. If you fancy trying out an exercise class on your own, or just going to the gym, below is some recommended items to make you suitability blend in while working up a sweat.

Nike Top and Trainers, Primark Gym Leggings & Socks and Filter Bottle, Small Towel, Sports Bra - Unknown
That's all for this week. I've got a few other posts up my sleeve for next week including another weekly fashion favourites post, a LFW get the look post, as well as some life blogging as the manfriend turns 30 this weekend!

Let me know if you manage any firsts!

Paige x

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Topshop Lemon Inspiration - Highstreet Trend Update

I like to keep to my word but realise this much promised video has taken a lot longer than I ever intended. Fear not though, your latest video helping of trend updates has hit YouTube. 

This week's video is all about the colour yellow (lemon to be exact), and how lemon and all other shades of yellow are set to be your new best friends from now until the end of spring/summer '14. 

Catwalks were adorned with lemon colour pops left, right and centre for their SS14 shows, leading the high street to follow suit. However, whilst looking for some pieces in the highstreet to show you as inspiration, I found lemon a bit few and far between except in good old Topshop, which is why this video now centres around one shop rather than many. But fear not, you'll be able to shop this trend in a lot more places than just Toppers, it's just taking a little longer to hit down to other stores. Think of this video as your forewarning, allowing yourself to be one step ahead of the trend!! 

Fyodor Golan SS14
J.W. Anderson SS14

So take a look at my video for inspiration on how to include the colour into your wardrobe and be sure to watch to the very end where I've included some outtakes (it's not just a one take fits all approach in the YouTube world you know!). Leave me a comment on what you want to see next and keep checking back on my blog to see my latest offerings in between times.

That's all for now.
Paige x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sneak Peak - Holiday Fun!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I'd just got back from Egypt. That was a month ago now, but I realised that I haven't shared any holiday pictures yet. So here's a quick post giving you a sneak peak of the fun I had with my manfriend in early January. (Please excuse the quality of some of these pictures, the majority were taken on iPhones). The hotel we stayed in, if anyone is interested, was Maritim Jolie Ville Royal Peninsula Hotel & Resort, Sharm El Sheikh. 

Amazing views from the plane
View from the sunken pool bar
Taking sneaky pictures whilst enjoying a few cocktails - **cough cough girly drink**
Locals we bumped into whislt quad biking in the desert
In my defence, it would be rude not to pile my plate with cake at an all inclusive!

A little Japanese hut we found on the grounds (How very Egyptian ;))
Our last day waiting for the transfer back to the airport. As you can see I'm EXTREMELY tanned...
In reception awaiting our transfer 
 ... And last but by no means least, I couldn't leave out the love swan house keeping surprised us with.

Leave a comment if you like these kind of posts and stay tuned for some more fashion related soon!

Paige x

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

PSsst... This Week's Fashion Favourites

This week I had some time off work which left a little bit too much time to go shopping. I even managed to venture into SpaceNK on Sloane Square in London, to purchase my very first SpaceNK product Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense moisturiser, as recommended by 'I COVET THEE'. I'll be following up on this later with a product review at the end of Feb.

SpaceNK, £31

Other than a beauty purchase, I also spent my time checking out the offering from a brand new New Look (so it had all the best items), Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Zara. I'll be posting a haul video (as well as the promised lemon trend video) this week, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

Onto the reason for this post. This week's favourites from the highstreet.

Firstly, Topshop's Tropical Palm Tree Skort caught my eye. Skort's are huge and set to be even bigger for Spring/Summer on the highstreet. This jacquard offering from Topshop meets all your Skort needs, whilst providing a slightly thicker fabric to keep you somewhat warmer on these freezing cold days. I also love the tropical pattern to remind me of sunnier times and for £34 you can't really go wrong with this purchase! 

Topshop, £34

Next up, Urban. I'll be honest, Urban Outfitters is not a shop I regularly visit as it's a little too edgy for my style. However, with my job I have to keep one eye on the styles coming in. When I saw this Cooperative Daisy Crochet Sweatshirt I was in love. My manfriend (he's too old to be called a boy anymore!) even made a comment about it being 'nice', which I can tell you, is a BIG deal. I love that it's patterned but still in a block colour way. At the moment I've been trying really hard to choose more patterned styles, due to inspiration from my best friend's wardrobe, but I still come back to my plain favourites. As the saying goes if it's not broken, don't fix it!

Cooperative Daisy Crochet Sweatshirt
Urban Outfitters, £40

Lastly, following on from the huge success of Whistles 'Comme Ci Comme Ca' sweatshirt, they're offering a Mystic Mountain Jacquard sweat. While this isn't a slogan sweat, it's still a stand out interest piece, with what I can only describe as a mountainous looking pattern adorning the fabric. I love the easy monochrome palette which I reckon could be really versatile with the use of some pop colour! It's slightly pricey at £130 but, you know you're getting Whistles quality when you make your purchase.

Whistles, £130

So there you have it. A run down of my highstreet favourites for the week. In personal news, I've been house hunting in London this weekend, dragging the manfriend along for his wisdom and experience on what to look for in flats in the city - dating an older guy does come with some perks! Below is a sunny selfie of the two of us on house hunting on a crisp Saturday morning.